First Thirsty Thursday of the Semester

Blake: she pulled off a Janet Jackson and a nipple popped out.
Chris: invited us to his apartment to continue drinking. Blake walks in on his roommate.
Ryan: got us over 21 bands. ‘nuf said.
Brigitte: smoked hookah and bounced her head around and around.
Nick: did the same thing but wouldn’t share.
Nick’s roommate: he’s creepy.
Cynthia: was asian persuasioned.
Lindsay: sober.
Claire: well…booty shorts and boots and pulling off a Kesha by swiping drinks from the tables and chugging them herself.
Ian: drunk and cute as fuck.
Laura: white girl booty dancing to dirty rap music.
Larry: surprisingly not at work making me a zak snack.
Ryan’s Asian friend: sober and boring. But I like that he won’t have sex with a girl unless he loves her.
Dani: my dd
Zeb: my other dd.

Just one big emotional roller coast, I am. 

I know I’m asking for trouble when I go out and say this but…
There is nothing wrong with NOT being a nerd. I am only pissy at my own kind at the moment because I am tired of watching nerds act vicious towards others who are not “nerdy” and who do not care for literature, video games, and science fiction. Sure nerds have been terrorized in the past but why should nerds act out with the same amount of venom they have received at one point in their lives? This is why cliques and labels still exist. EVERYONE is bitter. Including me.

WE GOT THE APARTMENT/HOUSE! Well, the politically correct term is apartment. HOWEVER, the building only consists of two homes, one on the first floor and the other on the second floor. A family lives on the second floor, and we live on the first SO I want to call it THE BASEMENT. Fucking excited. We move in three or four days. weeeeeeeeee

I hate my job.

We found an apartment today! 

It’s a bike ride to campus in the neighborhood of the old gypsy cove and the 911 house.

The cat is eating a piece of plastic on the floor.

The dog is barking at her own shadow.

Ian’s brother is making retarded noises as they play video games.

Lindsay is sleeping with her television on.

Oh…I think they’re finally done playing basketball on the xbox.

….No wait…they’re not.

Movie date was this evening. Abe Lincoln slaying some vampires! 

I should be asleep but SOMEONE won’t come to bed. -____-

So I have a stuffed monkey he gave me and I’m snuggling with that. 

Is it wrong to say that I am very excited to have the men in my life be put to work carrying all my shit to my new place? 

Our neighbors have children. BABYSITTING MONEY, BITCH. 

I love furniture hunting!

Ian and I played some basketball today. A game of HORSE to be exact. We stopped playing right after I landed myself with HOR. haha.

Never ever in my entire life have I wanted someone to succeed at life as much as I have wanted Ian to succeed in life. I think I care a bit too much for him to reach his dreams. Almost more than my own dreams…NAH. It’s about the same amount of caring, which is  quite a bit. 

Re….lapse. oh darn. 


So my friend Blake…she and I are horrible when we’re together. We talk some funny, ditzy shit. 

Moving to Tallahassee in a year. :) Three reasons: Miami is my current radio destination. Gotta move south a little bit more every few years. FSU has a bigger radio program with more connections (specifically in London and Los Angeles). Boyfriend is going places with his major at FSU. Everyone wins. 

Really excited. Kinda knew this was going to happen for a few months already. It was totally obvious. But I’m just now making it official. Yeah. Most of my credits transfer and I checked the out of state tuition and living costs in the capital. I’m ready for my next move! Details soon to come. 

Every ten year old little girl needs to get stuck on a roller coaster and leave me and my boyfriend alone. Geezus Christmas.


Excuse me while I go sell my soul for an apple O.o


Excuse me while I go sell my soul for an apple O.o

 - I'll make a man out of you



LEFT EAR: Mandarin version.

RIGHT EAR: English version.

Enjoy the multiple eargasm…

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That moment when your boyfriend says that he’s going to beat your little brother at MW3 and then two hours later your little brother is beating your boyfriend at MW3. I love the men in the my life.

That awkward moment when two young males have a staring contest in the break room while one girl awkwardly acts indecisive while she looks for something to eat at the vending machine. Then the even more awkward moment when one young male’s coworkers come in and stare too and the only thing the girl can do is fumble with her change because she’s nervous for a male dominance fight.

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